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Citation de Electra

Electra   13 octobre 2015
Enquête dans la réserve de David Adams Richards
At first there was no answer. Inside the door into the old porch, it was almost darker than midnight. They stood together ; he and his grandson. And as Amos knocked, Markus whispered :
« Have you ever been in a white person’s house? »
« Yes, » Amos whispered, « when I delivered salmon to the cottages. But those are not houss, they are cottages – even though they are ten times the size of our house. But this house looks more like our house. »
« Yes, » Markus said, shaking slightly. « I’ve never been in a white man’s house before. »
« Well, I saw them up at Sobeys, and they buy Red Rose tea just as we do, »Amos said. (p.232)
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