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Biographie :

Jimmy McDonough est un journaliste et biographe .

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Myriam3   03 septembre 2014
Shakey: Neil Young's Biography de Jimmy McDonough
Phelps turne the Desoto around and headed back to Neil's in a haze. "I remember walkin' in the door to Neil's house - the sun was coming up - and there was Neil, all alone, over in the corner of the room playing the keyboard. It was just insane - he was just playin' away like Beethoven. He looked like a fuckin'maniac".
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Myriam3   26 mai 2021
Shakey: Neil Young's Biography de Jimmy McDonough
Ironically, "Heart of Gold" would be bumped from the charts by a clone - America's moronic "Horse with no name". Young even received a congratulatory phone call from his father, who heard the record on the radio and assumed it was his son.
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