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Laureaimelire   17 janvier 2020
Selected poems of Christina Rosseti de Katherine McGowran
From the Antique

It's a weary life, it is, she said -

Doubly bank in a woman's lot:

I wish and I wish I were a man:

Or, better than any being, were not:

Were nothing at all in all the world,

Not a body and not a soul:

Not so much as a grain of dust

Or drop of water from pole to pole.

Still the world would wag on the same,

Still the seasons go and come:

Blossoms bloom as in days of old,

Cherries ripen and wild bees hum.

None would miss me in all the world,

How much less would care or weep:

I should be nothing, while all the rest

Would wake and weary and fall asleep.
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