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Nationalité : Australie
Biographie :

Peter Fitzsimmons is a journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun-Herald.
He is author of over 20 books, including Tobruk, Kokoda and biographies of Nancy Wake, Kim Beazley, Nick Farr-Jones, Les Darcy, Steve Waugh, John Eales and Douglas Mawson, and is Australia's biggest-selling non fiction author of the last ten years.

He lives with his wife, Lisa Wilkinson, and their three children in Sydney.

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Louise1200   20 octobre 2021
Peter Fitzsimons
Our story is set in a time of strangely overlapping cusps.
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Louise1200   20 octobre 2021
Batavia de Peter Fitzsimons
The VOC was granted by its government not only the sole right to Asian trade but also the right to engage in areas of activity usually reserved for the state : establishing colonies, coining monies, maintaining private armies and navies, fighting the enemies of the Republic, signing treaties with Asian potentates, building forts in the islands they were trading with and even subjugating entire populations.
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