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Citation de Henri-l-oiseleur

Henri-l-oiseleur   21 octobre 2015
Introduction To Akkadian de Richard Caplice
§55. The N-stem is marked by na- prefixed to the verbal root in the imperative, infinitive, verbal adjective and stative, and in the other forms by infixed -n- which is assimilated to the following consonant.

The basic function of the N-stem is passive to the G-stem (i'habbal, he wrongs, i'h'habbal, he is wronged) ; rarely reflexive (imlik, he advised, immalik, he deliberated) or reciprocal (itsbatû, they seized, natsbutû, they were quarrelling (grasping one another)). The N-stem of state verbs usually expresses an ingressive (nadrû, they rage, innadrû, they went on a rampage). A deponent N also occurs with the sense of the noram G-stem (naplusum, to see, transitive).

p. 51
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