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Nationalité : États-Unis
Né(e) à : Oceanside, California , le 05/02/1984
Biographie :

Tessa Bailey aspire à trois choses.
Écrire des romances contemporaines « hot » et inoubliables, axées sur les personnages, être une bonne mère et éventuellement se faufiler dans le jury d'un concours télévisé consacré à la pâtisserie.
Elle vit à Long Island, New York avec son mari et sa fille, écrivant toute la journée et se récompensant avec une assiette de fromages et des séances Netflix le soir.
Si vous voulez une romance sexy, sincère et humoristique avec une fin heureuse garantie, vous êtes au bon endroit.

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She shook her head, stopped trying to put on a brave smile.
"Why? So you can put me in the recharging station? You have the most dangerous job in the country, Brendan." Her lower lip wobbled. "I don't want your hugs."
His brow arched. "Recharging station?"
"That's what I call it ... "Still backing away from him, she flipped her hair back, sniffed. "Never mind."
"When I hug you?" Fuck. His heart was turning over and over like a car engine. "My hugs are your recharging station?"
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'I love you,' she gasped […]
'I’ve never said it to anyone before,' she murmured, resting her head on his bicep. 'It didn’t feel like I always thought it would.'
He ran his hand down her hair. 'How did you think it would feel?'
She thought about it. 'Getting it over with. Like ripping off a Band-Aid.'
'And how did it feel instead?'
'The reverse. Like putting a bandage on. Wrapping it tight.'
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'Piper, I don’t just go putting my arms around girls.'
She paused in the doorway. Looked back. 'What does that mean?'
He gave in to just a touch of temptation, tucking a wind-tangled strand of hair behind her ear. Soft. 'It means I’ll be around.'
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We build resentments toward our loved ones. Sometimes we’re not even aware of them. But they grow so strong, they prevent us from remembering what we loved about our partners in the first place. Maybe one or both no longer wants to give their significant other the satisfaction of showing their amusement, so the other person stops trying. And the laughter dies. […] We can fix this by laughing at ourselves. If we stop taking ourselves so seriously for a moment, our partner can do the same. There is relaxation and acceptance in laughter. It’s the anti-resentment drug.
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'Miss Bristow. Where do you see yourself in five years?'
'It’s important to have plans. Goals. It’s just as important to know when your plan needs to change, though. Life… requires change. Five years ago, I wasn’t planning on competing in a beauty pageant. I don’t even like wearing dresses.' The host and audience laugh. 'You have to decide what’s worthwhile and adapt, even if it’s new or you didn’t expect it. Maybe it’s just as productive to live without a five-year plan. Or to start with a five-day plan and see where it takes you.'
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Imagine a packed bar full of courageous men who fear and respect the sea. Imagine them singing odes to the water. The ocean is their mother. Their lover. She provides for them. And everything in this town reflects that love of the sea. The salt mist in the air. The scent of brine and storm clouds. The knowledge in the eyes of the residents when they look up at the sky to judge the oncoming weather. In fear. In reverence. Everywhere you go there’s the sound of lapping water against the docks, cawing seagulls, the hum of danger…
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'I promise to take your side in every argument unless it’s the one you’re having with me, then it’s fair game. But the point I’m trying to make is that we might fight…' He scanned the room with a pointed look. 'But God help anyone else who tries to fight with you. They will answer to me.'
'I also promise to protect you from this day forward. From cat claws to fires to drunk people with axes. You’re always going to be safe. I’ll make sure of it. You can call me no matter where you are, and I’ll come.'
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'This is you in my heart,' I say, voice uneven. Kissing him softly. Once, twice. 'Do you feel yourself there?'
'Yeah,' he chokes out, eyes suspiciously damp. 'Keep me there. All right?'
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For the last few months, since being released from Bedford Hills, I’ve been finding comfort in watching people on the internet hear famous songs for the first time. Or their first time watching Star Wars or Twilight or Harry Potter. I watch those videos and wonder if I’ll ever be able to express emotions like that again. Just pow. No hesitating. Without toning the feelings down or worrying that if I get too emotional, my dam will break and everything will just come pouring out.
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When you found something that made you feel so much you could hardly stand it, that was the thing that counted. When the thought of being without someone well and truly scared the shit out of you, you decided not to be without that person, no matter what it took. So what was important to him? Keeping the person who made him feel. Keeping Honey. Making goddamn sure she had the same feelings for him. Working his ass off to make sure she never stopped having them.
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