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Parkstone (11/04/2018)
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Résumé :
PUVIS DE CHAVANNES died in full possession of a fame that has reached all countries, and with the good fortune of being represented by monumental work at the greatest possible distance from the centre of his reputation. One of his very last paintings covers the wall of the Boston Library.

It seems strange, in view of the very general recognition of his importance, that for many years he was especially not recognized in his native France, except of cou... >Voir plus
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As the remarkable personality of Puvis de Chavannes recedes into a remote past, which already seems as though it could be measured by centuries, the artist's glory, pure and serene, shines forth brighter and brighter. His genius appears upon the horizon of art like a mountain peak towering above the clouds and mist.
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You will come back with a vision cleared, saturated, fortified by the daily sight of artistic beauties of the greatest intensity ; paintings that have weathered with time, landscapes of the deepest tone, etc. I wonder what you will think before my own visions.
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