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EAN : 9780349433479
592 pages
Piatkus Books (31/01/2023)
4.17/5   6 notes
Résumé :
I'm the Kane brother everyone gossips about behind closed doors.
Trust fund brat. Washed-up athelete. High-functioning alcoholic.
No one know the real me but her.
Lana Castillo - my childhood best friend and the only woman I ever loved.
When I broke her heart six years ago, I promised to never return to Lake Wisteria.
I kept my word until my grandfather's will changed everything.
To receive my inheritance, I ... >Voir plus
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"I've always loved you, although at first it was platonic and innocent. But the love grew as we did, morphing into something more mature. Something strong enough to stand the test of time and distance every single year. A love built on memories of the past and a hope for the future."
"A future I can't see with anyone but you."
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I shake my head in disbelief. 'You’re insane.'
'No, Lana, I’m in love. There’s a big difference.'
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Maybe you were right about wanting to make someone else's dreams come true. -C
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'The worst mistake you could have made was underestimating me.'
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'I don’t deserve you.'
'Then become the man who does.'
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