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Éditeur : Bantam Books Inc (03/11/2007)
Résumé :
In her latest spellbinding escapade, Jane Austen arrives in London to watch over the printing of her first novel, and finds herself embroiled in a crime that could end more than her career. For it is up to Jane to tease a murderer out of the ton, lest she--and her country--suffer a dastardly demise.... On the heels of completing Sense and Sensibility, Jane heads to Sloane Street for a monthlong visit with her brother Henry and his wife, Eliza. Hobnobbing with the Fa... >Voir plus
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missmolko1missmolko1   23 janvier 2016
No. 64 Sloane Street, London
Monday, 22 April 1811

Conceive, if you will, of the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, on an evening such as this : the celebrated Mrs. Siddons being rumoured to appear, after to many months's absence from the stage ; the play Macbeth, will all the hideous power of Shakespeare's verse and Sarah Siddon's art; and the Polite World of London brawling in the midst of Bow Street, in an effort to reach its place in the box before the curtain should rise.
Such a welter of chairmen, link boys, fashionnable carriages, street sweeps, porters, and coachmen ! Such oaths, blasted into the ears of delicately-nurtured females, carried hurriedly to the paving lest their satin slippers should be soiled in the horses' dung ! Such an array of silks and muslins, turbans and feathers, embroidered shawls and jewelled flounces ! The scent of a thousand flowers on the air, the odour of tobacco and ripe oranges and fish from the markets in Covent Garden, the great theatre's windows thrown open against the warmth of the spring night and the heat of too many bodies filling the vast hall ! The flickering of wax candles, a forturne's worth thrown up into the gleaming chandeliers; the rising pitch of conversation, the high screech of a woman's laughter, the impropriety of a chance remark, the hand of a gentleman resting where it should not, on a person of his lady - all this, like a prodigal feast spread out for my delectation.
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