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Éditeur : Bantam (30/08/2011)
Résumé :
Three years after news of her scandalous husband’s death, Adelaide Fiske is at the altar again, her groom a soldier on the Marquis of Wellington’s staff. The prospects seem bright for one of the most notorious women in Kent—until Jane Austen discovers a corpse on the ancient Pilgrim’s Way that runs through her brother Edward’s estate. As First Magistrate for Canterbury, Edward is forced to investigate, with Jane as his reluctant assistant. But she rises to the chall... >Voir plus
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missmolko1missmolko1   23 janvier 2016
"AH, MISS AUSTEN", CRIED MR. RICHARD TYLEN AS HE offered me a glass of claret this evening - most welcome, as the day had been exceedingly wet, and the crush of persons in the ballroom at Chilham Castle so great as entirely prevent me approaching the fire - "It has been an age since we met ! And yet you appear to greater advantage than ever, if I may permit myself to offer so blod a compliment. That gown is exceessively becoming. A shade exactly suited to a lady of your colouring."
As the gown was new, anda source of inordinate pride - the very kick of fashion and purchassed at breathless expense only six months before in Brighton - I blushed like a school-girl. "You flatter me, Mr. Tylden."
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