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EAN : 9782355370267
430 pages
YB Editions (22/10/2009)

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This completely newly updated second edition to the first bestselling book Toys for Boys has been produced for those with a special penchant for truly extraordinary toys and incredibly expensive possessions. The toys featured on these pages are more like higher works of art that incorporate exceptional technology and craftsmanship in their overall design. From revved-up supercars with sophisticated aeronautic technologies to limited edition timepieces that are mecha... >Voir plus
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Maus - Art Spiegelman

En quelles années se déroule l’histoire?

En 1940 et en 1970
En 1914 et en 1945
En 1945 et en 1998

10 questions
57 lecteurs ont répondu
Thème : Maus, un survivant raconte, Tome 1 : Mon père saigne l'histoire de Art SpiegelmanCréer un quiz sur ce livre