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Brian Delf (Illustrateur)
ISBN : 1841768847
Éditeur : Osprey Publishing (UK) (10/01/2006)

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The development of the city-state in the Classical period of Greek history ensured a shift in the nature of fortifications in the region. No longer were fortresses designed to defend a ruler and his entourage, rather the whole of the citizen body had to be protected against any outside threats. The enceintes of these Greek city-states did not have to be very high or strong as city-state conflict was still decided by spear and shield, though some thought was still gi... >Voir plus
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RuniRuni   02 juin 2018
As an agrarian-based society, the polis controlled and exploited a territory
(chora), which was delimited geographically by mountains or sea, or by proximity to another polis. The nearest and most powerful neighbour was the natural enemy. Border wars were thus common, as were inter-polis agreements and attempts to establish territorial rights over disputed areas. Autonomy was jealously guarded, but the necessities of collaboration made for a proliferation of foreign alliances, leagues of small communities, usually ethnically related, and hegemonies. There was also constant interchange and competition between poleis, so that despite their separate identities a common culture was always maintained.
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