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EAN : 978B00XTAMJ66
Éditeur : Little, Brown Book Group (01/03/2012)
Résumé :
Everything we know about solving the world's problems is wrong. Out: Plans, experts and above all, leaders. In: Adapting - improvise rather than plan; fail, learn, and try again In this groundbreaking new book, Tim Harford shows how the world's most complex and important problems - including terrorism, climate change, poverty, innovation, and the financial crisis - can only be solved from the bottom up by rapid experimenting and adapting. From a spaceport in the Moj... >Voir plus
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deuxquatredeuxdeuxquatredeux   01 février 2017
Success is much more a result of trial and error than of intelligent decision-making. In a complex, changeable world, the process of trial and error is essential. That is true whether we harness it consciously or simply allow ourselves to be tossed around by the results. But whether we like it or not, trial and error is a tremendously powerful process for solving problems in a complex world, while expert leadership is not.
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deuxquatredeuxdeuxquatredeux   02 mars 2017
The most successful industry of the last forty years has been built on failure after failure after failure.
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