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EAN : 9780006472186
592 pages
Éditeur : Fontana (01/01/1992)

Note moyenne : 3.5/5 (sur 2 notes)
Résumé :
The journey starts here and now

A million readers have revelled in William Horwood's new classic trilogy The Duncton Chronicles which tells how Moledom's Stone followers struggled to find peace and thruth for all mole.
But now Moledom's greatest tale can be told - from which all began and to which all is leading.
If you have never read a Duncton story before, start here and now.
If you are already a Stone follower then prepare fo... >Voir plus
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  16 octobre 2013
I really loved that book, as much as I did the first Duncton series. I would have given it 5 stars, but it has one annoying thing : there are stories in stories in stories, which is fine if you read the book in one day or two but a bit confusing if you can't. Still a great, great read, full of courage, passion and faith. If you can't believe one can write amazing fantasy with moles as characters, this book is for you.
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