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ISBN : 0500517789
Éditeur : Thames & Hudson (04/03/2015)

Note moyenne : 5/5 (sur 1 notes)
Résumé :
Memento Mori takes the reader on a ghoulish but beautiful tour of some of the worlds more unusual sacred sites and traditions, in which human remains are displayed for the benefit of the living. From burial caves in Indonesia festooned with bones, to skulls smoking cigarettes, wearing beanie hats and sunglasses, and decorated with garlands of flowers in South America, Paul Koudounaris ventures beyond the grave to find messages of hope and salvation. His glorious col... >Voir plus
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EmniaEmnia   12 juin 2016
Leaving the village, I asked the guide if it was considered unusual to keep mummies in the home. His response was unforgettable. No, he did not find it unusual, because when he was a boy, he and his brothers slept in the same bed as the mummy of their grandfather. He then detailed how each morning the cadaver would be removed from the bed, dressed for the day, and propped up in a corner as if it were standing; later in the evening, it was disrobed and put back to bed. I asked about the motivations for treating his grandfather's mummy as his family had, but felt foolish as I did, because I already knew the answer. Indeed, he turned to me with the nonplussed look one gives people who ask obvious questions. "Because we loved him," he said simply, "and we wanted to preserve for him some part of his daily ritual."
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