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Steve Noon (Illustrateur)Alan Gilliland (Illustrateur)
ISBN : 1472809025
Éditeur : Osprey (20/08/2015)
Résumé :
The focus of this book is a weapon that has literally placed the power of fire in human hands - the man-portable flamethrower. This formidable weapon first saw battlefield use in the hands of German troops during World War I, and went on to arm the forces of many countries in World War II and beyond. Capable of inflicting horrific injuries - or of using up the oxygen supply inside a building, causing the occupants to suffocate - it projected a stream of flammable li... >Voir plus
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RuniRuni   11 mai 2019
All weapons are, by their very nature, ghastly in purpose, but there is something uniquely awful and inhumane about the flamethrower. Fire is popularly and quite logically held as one of the worst ways to die. It is not quick, the victim taking long seconds and even minutes to succumb, as flesh, nerve, muscle and eventually organs are charred to destruction.
That intelligent human beings have turned their minds to developing instruments specifically to achieve this goal, represents another tragic failure in society.
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RuniRuni   11 mai 2019
Our narrative here is as much a human one as it is technological. As we shall see, flamethrower operators are rarely thankful for the weapon they carry. Lumbering conspicuously around a bullet-crackling battlefield with a tank of flammable fluid on your back requires either iron nerves or a brutish lack of imagination.
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