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ISBN : 0718180305
Éditeur : Michael Joseph Ltd (04/10/2018)

Note moyenne : 4.17/5 (sur 3 notes)
Résumé :
The eagerly-anticipated new novel from the worldwide Number One bestselling author behind Emmy-award-winning HBO series Big Little Lies and smash-hit novel The Husband's Secret

Praise for Liane Moriarty:

'One of the few writers I'll drop anything for' Jojo Moyes

'Staggeringly brilliant' Sophie Hannah

'Fascinating and compassionate' Daily Telegraph
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  12 février 2019
Un nouveau roman de Liane Moriarty, forcément, je saute sur l'occasion et quel plaisir de retrouver sa plume ! Je ne suis pas passée très loin du coup de coeur pour ce roman.
Avec Nine perfect strangers, comme son titre l'indique, nous suivons sur une semaine le quotidien de neuf inconnus qui ont un point commun : s'être inscrits dans un centre de « remise en forme ». Ils vont se livrer à une déconnexion totale (pas d'internet, de télé, de téléphone) au milieu du bush australien et suivre des cours de Tai chi, de méditation, de yoga. Leur alimentation est bien sur très équilibrée et ils boivent plusieurs fois par jour des smoothies. Bref, jusqu'ici, ça semble très tentant mais ils ne sont pas au bout de leurs surprises car cette cure va être bien plus extrême qu'ils ne l'imaginaient.
Tous nos personnages sont tellement attachants et comme avec la plupart des romans de l'auteure, les chapitres sont courts et alternes chaque personnage. C'est toujours un peu déstabilisant car il faut se remémorer qui est qui mais très vite on s'y fait. Au fil du roman, on découvre Frances, l'auteure de romance a succès dont la vie sentimentale et un chaos et dont le dernier roman vient d'être refusé, Tony qui est en surpoids depuis sa retraite sportive, Lars, l'avocat qui ne vit que pour son travail, Napoleon, sa femme Heather et leur fille Zoe, qui viennent se retrouver ici après le suicide du fils, Carmel qui ne rêve que de perdre du poids pour reconquérir son mari, Ben et Jessica dont le couple bat de l'aile à cause du fait qu'il soit devenus riches en gagnant au lot et bien sûr Masha, la directrice du centre et ses deux employés Yao et Delilah. Bref, c'est une vraie belle brochette de personnage qui n'ont rien en commun mais qui vont se serrer les coudes.
Ça aurait pu être un coup de coeur mais je suis légèrement déçue par la fin du roman. Tout d'abord, je m'attendais à une plus grosse révélation sur Masha, je voulais quelque chose de vraiment croustillant et tout ça est retombé comme un soufflet. Ensuite, cette cure a pris une tournure un peu trop burlesque et j'ai trouvé que l'auteure en avait peut-être fait un peu trop… Malgré tout, le roman est exquis et l'on passe un excellent moment. Une bonne découverte qui j'espère sera bientôt traduite car cette histoire mérite d'être connue.
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missmolko1missmolko1   02 octobre 2018
As she dreamed of hot springs and gentle yoga, a message flashed urgently on her screen: Only one place remaining for the exclusive Ten-Day Mind and Body Total Transformation Retreat! It had made her feel stupidly competitive and she clicked Book now, even though she didn’t really believe there was only one place remaining. Still, she keyed in her credit card details pretty damned fast, just in case.
It seemed that in a mere ten days she would be ‘transformed’ in ways she ‘never thought possible’. There would be fasting, meditation, yoga, creative ‘emotional release exercises’. There would be no alcohol, sugar, caffeine, gluten or dairy – but as she’d just had the degustation menu at the Four Seasons, she was stuffed full of alcohol, sugar, caffeine, gluten and dairy, and the thought of giving them up didn’t seem that big a deal. Meals would be ‘personalised’ to her ‘unique needs’.
Before her booking was ‘accepted’, she had to answer a very long, rather invasive online questionnaire about her relationship status, diet, medical history, alcohol consumption in the previous week and so on. She cheerfully lied her way through it. It was really none of their business. She even had to upload a photo taken in the last two weeks. She sent one of herself from her lunch with Ellen at the Four Seasons, holding up a Bellini. There were boxes to tick for what she hoped to achieve during her ten days: everything from ‘intensive couples counselling’ to ‘significant weight loss’. Frances ticked only the nice sounding boxes, like ‘spiritual nourishment’. Like so many things in life, it had seemed like an excellent idea at the time. The TripAdvisor reviews for Tranquillum House, which she’d looked at after she’d paid her non-refundable fee, had been noticeably mixed. It was either the best, most incredible experience people had ever had, they wished they could give it more than five stars, they were evangelical about the food, the hot springs, the staff, or it was the worst experience of their entire lives, there was talk of legal action, post-traumatic stress and dire warnings of ‘enter at your own peril’.
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missmolko1missmolko1   23 octobre 2018
‘This one is my wife’s favourite.’ The vineyard manager, a chunky, cheery guy in his sixties with a retro moustache, held up a bottle of white wine. ‘She says it makes her think of silk sheets. It has a creamy, velvety finish I think you’ll enjoy.’
Lars swirled the tasting glass and breathed in the scent: apples and sunshine and wood smoke. An instant memory of an autumnal day. The comfort of a large, warm hand holding his. It felt like a childhood memory but probably wasn’t; more likely a memory he’d borrowed from a book or a movie. He sipped the wine, let it roll around his mouth, and was transported to a bar on the Amalfi Coast. Vine leaves over the light fitting and the smell of garlic and the sea. That was a bona fide happy memory from real life with photos to prove it. He remembered the spaghetti. Just parsley, olive oil and almonds. There might even be a photo of the spaghetti somewhere.
‘What do you think?’ The vineyard manager grinned. It was like his moustache had been perfectly preserved from 1975.
‘It’s excellent.’ Lars took another sip, trying to get the full picture. Wine could fool you; all sunshine and apples and spaghetti and then nothing but sour disappointment and empty promises.
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missmolko1missmolko1   25 octobre 2018
Jessica beckoned him over. She was all social and smiley, like they hadn’t just been yelling at each other. She was so good at that. They could drive to a party and fight all the way, not say a word to each other as they walked up someone’s stairs, and then the door of the apartment opens and – bang – different person. Laughing, joking, teasing him, touching him, taking selfies, like they were so having sex tonight, when they were so not having sex tonight.
Then, back in the car on the way home, she’d restart the fight. It was like flicking a switch on and off. It freaked him out. ‘It’s just good manners.’ She told him. ‘You don’t take your fight to a party. It’s no-one else’s business.’
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missmolko1missmolko1   10 février 2019
‘I love the money,’ said Jessica. ‘I love being rich. But I wish we could just be rich and still be us.’
‘The money,’ said Ben slowly, ‘is like a dog.’
‘Mmm,’ said Jessica.
‘A great big out-of-control pet dog.’
‘Yeah,’ said Jessica. ‘Yeah. That’s right.’ She paused. ‘Why is like a dog?’
‘So, it’s like we got a dog, and it’s the dog we always wanted, we dreamed of this dog, this dog is our dream dog, but it’s changed everything about our lives. It’s, like, really distracting, it barks all through the night wanting our attention, it won’t let us sleep, we can’t do anything without taking the dog into account. We have to walk it, and feed it, and worry about it, and…’ He scrunched up his face, working it out. ‘See, the problem with the dog is that it bites. It bites us, and it bites our friends and family; it’s got a really vicious streak, this dog.’
‘But we still love it,’ said Jessica. ‘We love the dog.’
‘We do, but I think we should give the dog away,’ said Ben. ‘I think it’s not the right dog for us.’
‘We could get a labradoodle,’ said Jessica. ‘Labradoodles are so cute.’
Masha reminded herself that Jessica was very young.
‘I think Ben is using the dog as a… story to explain how the lottery win has impacted your lives,’ she said. ‘A metaphor, that is.’
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missmolko1missmolko1   12 février 2019
You’re not meant to think of your children when you make love. Sexuality between married parents it for behind closed doors. And yet, that morning, as Napoleon took her so tenderly into his arms, she thought of her family of four, of both her children, of the baby boy who would never become a man, and the baby girl who was a woman now, and the powerful currents of love that would always run between them: husband and wife, father and son, mother and son, father and daughter, mother and daughter, brother and sister. So much love that came about she had said ‘yes’ to a movie invitation.
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