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ISBN : B0079F69H2
Éditeur : Puffin Books (01/06/1995)

Note moyenne : 5/5 (sur 1 notes)
Résumé :
Deep in the woods lives the old witch called Ugly One. All she wants is to forget—the she was once a loving mother and a healer, blessed and powerful within her magic circle, and not a witch, claimed by the devils. Then one day she hears the footsteps she dreads. Then real voices—children’s voices. The Ugly One longs to take care of sturdy, sensible Gretel and her young brother Hansel. They are such good children, such delicious, beautiful children. But demons’ voic... >Voir plus
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FanfoaFanfoa   03 juin 2014
I don't want to be walking toward them. I don't want to. But I can't stop my feet
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Oscar et la dame Rose

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Eric Shmitt
Eric-Emmanuel Shmitt
Emanuel Shmitt
Jean Voyage Shmitt

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