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ISBN : 0262661152
Éditeur : The MIT Press (31/07/2000)
Résumé :
The latest scientific findings indicate that emotions play an essential role in decision making, perception, learning, and more--that is, they influence the very mechanisms of rational thinking. Not only too much, but too little emotion can impair decision making. According to Rosalind Picard, if we want computers to be genuinely intelligent and to interact naturally with us, we must give computers the ability to recognize, understand, even to have and express emoti... >Voir plus
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Ada_2012Ada_2012   30 mai 2013
"Robot bodies, like human bodies, can encounter problems that could use some forms of sentic modulation. I visited a major research laboratory where I was shown a mobile robot, and a demonstration of how well it could navigate by itself around the building. Suddenly the robot stopped in its tracks. There followed a fair amount of anxiety among its makers while they tried to figure out why it failed. It was not until much later that they determined its buffers had overfilled, a very simple problem. In fact, an analogous problem happens to humans when overwhelmed with too much information. A human will appear confused, or her eyes may glaze over, and she may be unable to move mentally beyond the present point." (p. 73)
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