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74828 France
2021 ans, né(e) le 30 novembre

Lecteur inscrit le 02/12/2020

You've always loved dancing. Ever since you were young, to good music, cheesy music, even some bad music, you've jumped and jived and jiggled with joy, lost in the moves, in the tune. Some even say it's your best quality, although... You don't exactly find it complimentary. You've got... Other things! Like a lovely ginger tom, a green thumb, and... And... Okay, you're blanking right now, but part of that is that you're distracted. Tonight's a special night. Tonight's the night you finally get to dance at Club 23. A lot of people go there, but they're all regulars, and new members are strictly invite only. You look at the card, the envelope it came in. They're both pretty understated. Simple white envelope, printed sticker for your address... And all that's on the card is the name of the club, a Greek symbol, and your own name. You know enough to know it's Greek, but not which one it is. Besides, you've got better things to do than look it up. Like choosing an outfit. You look over what you've got. Sure, you could go with something loud, something subtle... But tonight... You just want to look hot. After all, the club's rumoured to have some pretty good hookup opportunities, so... What to choose, what to choose... Eventually, you come up with what you want. You've already got your hair covered, UV hair dye... Looks blue outside, but when the club lights hit... It'll glow. A crop top, a thin choker (nothing too obvious), some PVC trousers that cling to your ass just so, while h
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