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Femme, France

Lecteur inscrit le 07/04/2021

An Examination of the Theme of Life and Death as Expressed Through Heroin Use in Junky .
In William Burroughs' classic work, "Junky", Burroughs writes "As this relaxing wave spread through my tissue, I experienced a strong feeling of fear. I had the feeling that some horrible image was just beyond the field of vision, moving, as I turned my head, so that I never quite saw it. ... The physical impact of the fear of death; the shutting off of breath; the stopping of blood." This paper examines this particular citation in respect to its purpose as a small unifying vision of the main theme of the novel, and as to whether the visions perceived by Burroughs are symbols of truth or simply "junk". This paper takes the position that the use of heroin can be equated to life itself.
An Opinionated Explication of Robert Frost's.
This paper examines two poems by Robert Frost ("After Apple Picking" and "Mending Wall") in respect to how the natural world within these poems motivates the human speakers to address their lives. "After Apple Picking" is an exploration of moraility, while "Mending Wall" suggests the futility of needless effort.
Analyizing A P :By John Updike.
This essay provides a detailed analysis of a short fiction by John Updike, "A&P," with a focus on gender and representation, as well as character development.
Analysis of "Richard Cory".
This paper provides a critical analysis of Edward Arlington Robinson's poem, "Richard Cory."
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