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Lecteur inscrit le 05/10/2021

He fucked me all night and most of the next day. Some times I would go over to his house, if there was some one else there he would invite me to join the sex session. Some times with females, some times with other males, it really didn't matter to me at all as long as I got that humongous piece of man meat to invade my neither regions.

In times after I would seek him out and he would carry me to some of his friends homes to participate in sex sessions. One of the times was during one summer, I had stopped by Harry's home to see if I could get a quick fuck. Harry was just getting ready to leave and asked if I could hang with him for the night. After a few calls to set up an alibi, and get permission from my parents to stay with a friend for the weekend, we were off.

Harry did not till me where we were going or what I was to do, as we rode along in the car Harry asked me to stroke his dick for him. I unzipped his pants and worked that massive cock from his shorts and stroked it slowly and tenderly as we drove along.

We went way down into the country, the house's were few and far between. When we reached the house Harry blew the car horn.(This was way before cell phones were popular.) A man came to the door of the house and motioned for Harry to come in. Harry did not even put his dick away but got out of the car with it hanging loose.
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