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Lecteur inscrit le 11/10/2021

her awareness of it was a lot more visceral all of a sudden. It was remarkable how effective the system was: her body was constantly trying to draw male attention so she could titillate them and convince them to mate with her, and their bodies were always directing their gaze at her so they'd get physically aroused and want to stick their dicks in her tight little pussy. With how much the actions of everyone involved were mutually directed toward getting guys' sensitive cocks into her fertile vagina where they could spurt her full of cum, it was a miracle that she'd made it this far without managing to impregnate herself already, especially with how much her body clearly wanted her to.

Guys were always going out of their way to look at her body, and while she had always known at some level that that was an indicator of their , and that seemed to be all that really mattered at the moment. Even now the pleasant buzzing of her vulnerable, lubricated pussy continued despite her half-hearted protestations, and she couldn't stop herself from glancing guiltily around the room again at all of the attractive guys. It was just too tempting; her body wanted it too badly, and so she continued to drive her desire even higher in spite of herself.
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