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95110 France
36 ans, né(e) le 10 septembre

Lecteur inscrit le 10/07/2020

Another Wrestling show has come to an end. Another night of Gabrielle sauntering down to the ring with every guy in the audience fantasising about fucking her senseless. Another night of Gabrielle being scantily clad as every guy in the audience imagines having her slurp on their cock. It's a big part of the Caramel Coated Goddesses appeal. She's drop dead gorgeous and there's endless rumours of her fucking her way through the lockeroom. Endless stories of her being ploughed by an endless list of guys. So its hard not be excited by the sight of this caramel complexioned, large breasted, stunningly gorgeous woman and then think about fucking her senseless. After her match she's showered and gotten changed into a short red dress. Her heart is still racing with excitement, she won her match, she spent some time in the ring with her male opponent's hands all over her as they battled. She needed to go release that pent up energy. So she hit up the nearest Club in her short dress. Heads turned, some knew who she was, some didn't but all wanted to fuck her. James a large chiselled black man was the first to make his move, first and last. He approached her, they danced, they grinded against each other, and Gabrielle even slid her hand down his pants to stroke his thick cock. It was as her eyes lit up excitedly that he knew he'd just met a very special kind of Slut. Quickly the two of them exited the Club. James was ready to hail a Taxi or call an Uber but Gabrielle couldn't wait. She
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