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Mike was on the hunt tonight. It had been weeks since he got any action, but tonight was the night he'd get a piece of ass. He spotted a little something at the bar. His prey looked pretty young and a bit out of place. The young man looked like he was plucked right out of a magazine, he was slim and fit with a nice looking ass on him. Mike's mouth watered at the prospect. So he sauntered over and asked, "Enjoying the night?" Bobby had recently found out his girlfriend had been cheating on him. She said he was too passive for her and she wanted someone that knew exactly what they wanted and how to get things done. Bobby later found out she was now with the rugged biker they'd seen now and then at the gym. He was just trying to forget about her and seeing what the night life had to offer until this other guy showed up. "I dunno man, I'm just trying to clear my head," Bobby replied while scoping out the packed bar crowd. Mike saw a little opening and prodded it. It seemed Bobby had a lot to get off his chest so he let it out and explained to Mike what had been transpiring. "That's tough man. Bitches will do that to ya. Treat'em real good and then they take ya for granted. Then they leave you for a dirty cock that'll treat them like a piece of trash that they really are," Mike said while taking a swig of his beer. Bobby, hearing that Mike compared his ex-girlfriend to trash, got a little angry. Seeing this, Bobby tried to defuse, "Whoa there, buddy! I didn't mean anything by it.
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