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The human hottie known as Betty Bucksome was a total knock-out. Her looks were a 12 out of 10. She had long flowing blonde hair, a winning smile, a pleasing personality and a body of a porn star. Her wide birthing hips and well-placed thickness made her very desirable but her greatest assets were her all-natural E cup breasts every man (and lesbian and bisexual) dreamed of sucking on. She even looked more ravishing in her office clothes and short skirt which failed to conceal her beauty. However, Betty had one flaw. She was somewhat on the dimwitted side. Okay, fine. She was a bimbo. Betty was absolutely airheaded. Despite the many times she lost documents or ordered the wrong coffee, Mr. Fillmore never scolded her. However, the man she knew as John Fillmore hired her out of... carnal intentions. The shapeshifting alien psychic reptilian Raidon Deeznutz, known by his human guise as John Fillmore, has been lusting after his new secretary for days. He was president of the Fillmore Paper Company and one of the best agents of the Reptilian Empire. He has never seen his human employees as more than "cubicle slaves" (yes, his own words) until he interviewed her. Raidon was astounded by her voluptuous beauty and aroused feelings he never thought he had. His newfound feelings were purely lustful. He was very inexperienced in sex thus he wasn't so sure about claiming this human beauty. However, he knew that if he can't take her, someone else from the Reptilian Empire will. He became v
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