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If you love the fake dating trope, this is the video for you! Join Lisa London as she takes you through 7 fun romance reads featuring this fan-favorite theme. Lisa London: In this video: THE DATING PLAN by Sara Desai¤££¤28HarlequinBooks25¤££¤&rank=1 THE SOULMATE EQUATION by Christina Lauren FIRST COMES LIKE by Alisha Rai IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING by Jayce Ellis THE SWEETEST CHARADE by Jadesola James JUST FOR SHOW by Julie Hamilton THE PERFECT FAKE DATE by Naima Simone *** Subscribe for more from Harlequin: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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Love doesn’t come when it’s convenient. […] It crashes into you life when you least expect it, when your guard is down and you’re looking the other way. Love slips through the cracks and into the corners of your heart. By the time you realize it’s found you, there is no escape.
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What did she call him? Honey? Babe? Darling? '… Humraaz.' The Urdu term of endearment came out before she could stop it.
'What does it mean?' he murmured gently.
'The one with whom we share our secrets.'
'Then I am your humraaz,' he said. 'And you are mine.'
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'You can’t be in everyone’s head, guessing what they are going to do. The real measure of a man comes not when things go right, but what he does when things go wrong.'
'I’m trying to fix everything.'
'You can’t fix anything until you fix yourself.'
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Laughter escaped him—so rare and unexpected he almost didn’t recognize the sound. What would it be like to laugh like this every day? To be in a relationship with someone who made him feel so alive?
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LIAM: Will l get to meet Max?
DAISY: Yes, if Max doesn’t like you, it’s all over.
LIAM: I’ll bring treats.
DAISY: He can’t be bribed.
LIAM: Everyone has a weakness.
DAISY: What’s yours?
LIAM: You.
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'From the first day we first met, I knew I needed you in my life. You took the chaos and made it calm. You lifted my heart with your smile and awed me with your brilliant mind. […]'
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Unlike Sanjay, who admired the superheroes for their otherworldly powers, Daisy loved how they were committed to saving the world, even though they were all broken inside.
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'Quitting is worse than failing.'
'Failing means you tried and couldn’t do it,' Nasir continued. 'Quitting means you gave up.'
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She’d always envied Liam’s relaxed attitude, his impulsiveness and disregard for rules. He was chaos. She was order.
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