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Alan Gilliland (Illustrateur)Johnny Shumate (Illustrateur)
ISBN : 1849083304
Éditeur : Osprey Publishing (UK) (10/10/2010)
Résumé :
The Browning "50-cal” has become the longest serving weapon in the US inventory. The "fifty” has been employed in every imaginable role for a machine gun. It is considered such an effective and reliable weapon that few countries ever attempted to develop an equivalent weapon. Even the Japanese created a copy of it during World War II when the US was producing literally thousands every month to use in every theater. This is a history of the development of this famous... >Voir plus
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RuniRuni   09 juin 2018
Many Special Forces camps had no .50-cals, but others had up to four or more. Ours had two. One was mounted atop a 12ft “Medal of Honor tower,” so called because to climb up there during an attack virtually guaranteed you one.
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RuniRuni   09 juin 2018
There are few who can say they were “wounded” by a .50-cal. Those hit seldom say much more.
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