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Nationalité : États-Unis
Né(e) à : Nashville, Tennessee
Biographie :

Sarah Adams est une auteure de romance.

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Listen to me, darlin', and remember this for the rest of your life : it's always okay to go home. Anytime you feel uncomfortable or scared, never worry about what anyone else is going to think if you call your daddy and have him come get you. Your house is a safe place, and you love being there, and that's something to be proud of, not embarrassed about.
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- I'm only trying to make sure you take care of yourself while you're out there taking care of everyone else.


( - J'essaye juste d'être sûr que tu prennes soin de toi pendant que t'es là, à prendre soin de tous les autres.)
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Bree, hope is healthy. Even if you prepare yourself for the worst in life, it will never make the fall hurt less. So why not let yourself really and truly want this instead? And then, if things end badly, I’ll help you eat your feelings.
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To my left is a floor-to-ceiling three-million-dollar view of the ocean, but to my right is the view I would give my soul to see every day for the rest of my life. Obviously, Bree doesn’t know I feel this way about her.
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I couldn't bear to watch her lose her dream like that. Not again.


(Je ne pouvais pas supporter de la voir perdre son rêve comme ça. Pas encore.)
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The thing about quiet people is, we’re only quiet because our brains are so busy overthinking everything.
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"To me, you're Amelia. Maker of shitty pancakes and a smile that rivals the sun. All I want is you."
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She understands that sometimes people just need to talk and be heard—not fixed.
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I really thought our feelings could make up for all the differences between Merritt and me. But it wasn't enough. Turns out, we had both fallen in love with the idea of each other, rather than who we really were.
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"Noah, tell me now, are you drunk ? It's fine if you are, I'm not the judgy type, you know this. I've said many of my best prayers to the Good Lord after a night with Jack Daniel's (...)"
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