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EAN : 9781734258783
582 pages
Auto édition (30/09/2020)
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Résumé :
Pills. Alcohol. Adrenaline.
I’m addicted to destructive decisions that numb my pain.
Until one night when I make a catastrophic mistake.
To repair my broken reputation, my team hires Elena—
An overpaid babysitter set on ruining my plans.
She's my damnation disguised as my salvation.
And my newest addiction.

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'I want your pain. I want the demons who linger in the darkest part of your brain. Share the scary thoughts with me and share the happy ones. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. I’m done resisting what I should’ve taken a long time ago.'
'And that is?'
'You. It’s always been you. I was screwed ever since you walked into that McCoy conference room when Liam needed help. Even when I made it my mission to have you stay the fuck away from me. Especially when you were vulnerable with me. I want to be broken with you.'
'That’s not usually how it works.'
He leans in, his lips brushing mine. 'Fuck the usual. I don’t want to be picture-perfect with you. I want to be a fucking mosaic, made up of broken pieces so damn colorful, you can’t help finding them beautiful.'
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'I don’t think anyone ever truly moves on. You can heal, sure, but letting go insinuates you don’t want to remember anymore. And the memories aren’t the problem. The mistake people make in life is that they assume pain is bad. But really, pain means you feel something. It means you’re alive. It’s about using it as a weapon rather than a weakness. So, heal yourself, but don’t let go of the memories. They’re what make you so very you.'
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‘You want to risk everything? For real?'
'I’m risking nothing for everything. It’s different.'
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'I ask for very few things in life. The first is that no one bothers me before my morning tea. And the second is that no one bothers me after my morning tea.'
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'Being good is boring, and I loathe being boring.'
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Les Amants de la Littérature

Grâce à Shakespeare, ils sont certainement les plus célèbres, les plus appréciés et les plus ancrés dans les mémoires depuis des siècles...

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