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ISBN : 147360835X
Éditeur : Mulholland Books (28/06/2018)
Résumé :
A hot beach. A young family on holiday. A fatal moment of inattention...

And now Dave Jepsom is in their lives.

Dave Jepsom, with his muscles, his pale eyes, his expressionless face.

He saved their child. How can they ever repay him? Especially as what he seems to want in return is everything.

He's in the streets they walk down. He's at the office where they work. He's at their front door, leaning on the be... >Voir plus
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Quiz sur le livre "Ce que tu veux" de Sabine Durrant.

Qui est Howard ?

le frère de Lizzie
le chien de Lizzie
le mari de Lizzie
le chat de Lizzie

10 questions
2 lecteurs ont répondu
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