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ISBN : B00M0D21Q6
Éditeur : Harper Perennial (30/11/-1)
Résumé :
Book 9 of 11 in the Maisie Dobbs Mystery Series
In this latest entry in Jacqueline Winspear’s acclaimed, bestselling mystery series—“less whodunits than why-dunits, more P.D. James than Agatha Christie” (USA Today)—Maisie Dobbs takes on her most personal case yet, a twisting investigation into the brutal killing of a street peddler that will take her from the working-class neighborhoods of her childhood into London’s highest circles of power. Perfect for fa... >Voir plus
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missmolko1missmolko1   02 février 2016
And it's occurred to her that she was so used to turning over everything in her mind, as if each thought were an intricate shell found at the beach, that she had never truly known the value of simply accepting things as they were.
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Jacqueline Winspear rencontre les lecteurs à la librairie The Poisoned pen.
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