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ISBN : B0000CPN59
Éditeur : Collins (30/01/1967)
Résumé :
Enid Blyton did not mean to write this book. There were already four books in this Mystery Series, all about Roger, Diana, Snubby and his mad little spaniel - four books in which the circus boy, Barney, was seeking his unknown father. In the Rubadub Mystery he found him - and that was to be the end of the series.
But the lovers of these "Barney Books" begged so hard for yet another, that there was nothing for it but to write a fifth.
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  09 décembre 2017
Ce roman de la série des Barney (devenue en français la série "Mystères...") a été traduit en français sous le titre "Le Mystère de monsieur Personne" (Hachette 1961).
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lanardlanard   12 mai 2013
"So we'll have to solve the Mystery of Rat-a-Tat House by ourselves!" said Snubby cheerfully. "Oh, well, we're jolly good at mysteries, I think. We've had four already - the Rockingdown Mystery, the Rilloby Fair Mystery..."
"The Rubadud Mystery, " said Diana, "and what was the other? Oh, yes, the Ring o'Bells Mystery."
"We'll call this the Rat-a-Tat Mystery then, as Snubby said, put in Barney. "How queer - they all begin with R."
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