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EAN : 9781490904382
Éditeur : Arrow Books (17/08/2013)
3.5/5   5 notes
Résumé :
In the aftermath of the uprising, the people of Silo 18 are coming to terms with a new order.
Some embrace the change, others fear the unknown.
None have control of their fate.
The Silo is still in danger from those who want it destroyed.
And Jules knows she must stop them.
The battle for the silo has been won.
The war for humanity is just beginning.
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NINI   09 août 2015
There were thousands of women asleep. Many thousands. Charlotte thought of the army she could raise. But she wondered if Donny was right – if they would refuse to fight their fathers and husbands and brothers. It took a strange kind of courage to do that.
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NINI   09 août 2015
The idea of saving anything was folly, a life especially. No life had been truly saved, not in the history of mankind. They were merely prolonged. Everything comes to an end.
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